F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The purpose of this section is to cover your questions regarding the pet transporting to a destination. Please read carefully and be informed for the way which our company runs and for other questions you may have in future time.

The best for every pet is to be accompanied by his owner because for the pet the travel is a more complicated situatuion. However, our vans are equiped with a way which makes it easy for us to provide first aids when is needed since the driver is trained for these cases.

As it is mentions in other pages of this website, there are 2 special modified crates inside the van for the Greek transports and 10 inside the van for the abroad transports which consist of a specific modified pet feeder and trough so the pet is capable to drink water whenever it wants. Ther is also a bird and reptile crate. There is also 2 first aids kits for the emergency cases.

Our company Pet Transport has the ability (as long as we are certified) so we can transfer pets inside Greece but outside Greece like Central Europe also. For the outside Attica transportations, we need to be informed for about 2 days earlier. For the outside Greece transportations, we need to be informed for about a month earlier.

Regarding a dog transport, the driver stops per 2 hours and he performs a safe dog walk, so the dog can make its needs and he also checks his water. From your side, you should not feed your pet before the travel because it could provoke dizziness or even puke. Regarding the rest of pets or other animals the driver performs the same action without performing the walking.

Our service is being provided 24 hours a day. Calling us at 694.65.95.446 and 693.73.22.572 a driver will help you transfer your pet to a vet or pet clinic.

Below you will see answers for a list of questions regarding your obligations as pet owners refering the situation of your pet before we begin the transport

As pet owners you have to have all the documents of your pet collected and give them to us. You forbid to give food to your pet for 2 hours until the transportation.

A pet can be transported either with your company or not having as oly company the van's driver. The best case for your pet would be if you attend yourself during the transportation since it would feel safier and more confortable. However, our drivers are very well trained so you will not need to worry about your pet's safety.

As we already have explained, our animal love don't let us to oversee an animal which needs help. In an emergency case which doesn't find us availabel, you could save and get the stray in your house until we find the time to be available to transport it to a vet or a temporary hospitality which you will suggest us.

In this section, we answer questions regarding our policy which refers to a call for a stray help. Please read carefully.

Of course, you can call us. Our employees of Pet Transport have deep pet loving action and they couldn't work on us without this sensitivity. We can transport every stray or wounded pet to every vet or hospitality you suggest us.

The price policy is not exactly the same. The price is specifically defined for these cases.Call us or request a route from our contact form and get informed about this issue.

Yes we can. But, this service takes many hours in order to get accomplished, we should be informed for the case as sooner as it is possible. This is exactly the same with the pet transportation for outside Attica, it would be easier for us to reschedule our program if we have this info provided earlier so we do our best for the pet which is in need.

For a best pet transport service, you could inform us at least a day earlier. You should also give us as many documents for your pet as you own and you should inform us about past medical cases, behaviour cases and other information which would be useful to us. Regarding the payment, we complete the payment before the transport either earlier through bank or when we come to your place to get your pet. Finaly, the prices are being modified depending the distance of the route, the potential time of waiting for a case or depending the status of the pet (stray or not). For stray transportation, there is other pricing policy, please be informed by us.

You definitely can, we provide POS payments for every card.